About Us

Olympus Financial Strategies, one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of Wealth Management, provides its clients a home and a multi-disciplinary financial center for financial planning and financial management, and a family office for the implementation of strategies for effective transfer of wealth across generations and long-term personal financial accompaniment.

Olympus Financial Strategies is not an investment house, and does not provide investment counselling.

Olympus serves as an objective expert on your behalf, which specializes in strategic, comprehensive financial
planning and investment planning for your family wealth. Olympus will represent you in various investment
houses in Israel and abroad, via a faithful staff of experienced personal financial planners, who expose our
clients to a range of unique, international financial products and alternative investments.

The Olympus Method for financial assets’ management allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive and close
fitting financial accompaniment that enables them to maximize their investments’ profitability, to establish their
family’s financial security and to enjoy an effective and optimal transfer across generations of the family’s wealth
or business:

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